There is a desire for women and girls to connect across generations in mentoring relationships, to link hands to grow deeper faith.

But it isn’t always easy to know who to mentor or to know who your mentor should be.

We have sensed a growing need for places and spaces where women across generations can connect in mentoring relationships- to be empowered to move forward in them–together.

We’d like to help you take a big step by providing the very thing you’re looking for.

A one evening experience—completely new— She Grows Conference. It could be for you.

What you’ll experience: Connection, Worship, Inspiration and Motivation. Practical Help, Resources for your Relationships, Multi-Generational Immersion, Global Neighborhood Vision.

She Grows started in the hearts of long distance mentors Laurie Polich Short, Brooklyn Lindsey, and Natasha Sistrunk Robinson. Over time, they forged a friendship and have created this space to help others do the same.

We hope you will consider joining us for an event… or even host one! We had our first one June 1, and have three events scheduled this Fall– and are currently scheduling dates in 2019.

Message us at to inquire about having SheGrows near you!