Women across generations linking lives to form a deeper faith

Meet Our Team

Laurie Polich Short

is a speaker, author, and part time pastor of Ocean Hills Covenant Church in Santa Barbara, CA. She speaks at conferences, churches, colleges, and denominational events around the country, and has spoken to over 500,000 people in the last 25 years. Formerly a speaker on the Youth Specialties team, Laurie is a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary, and the author of 14 books for youth and youth workers. Most recently, she has authored two books: “Finding Faith in the Dark” (2014) and “When Changing Nothing Changes Everything” (2017), and she has a new book coming in 2019.
Laurie has been in ministry for thirty years, and has served on staff at four churches. She lives in Santa Barbara with her husband Jere, and stepson Jordan.     www.laurieshort.com

Brooklyn Lindsey

is a wife, mom, pastor, writer, and international communicator. She’s been a leader in youth ministry for two decades and recently launched a church with her husband in Lakeland Florida. She was the visionary founder of The Justice Movement, a global youth community that creates educational resources and events to empower youth to do justice together, and is currently working on the For Our Neighbors initiative.
She has authored 8 books including “Confessions of A Not-So-Supermodel”, “Opposite Day”, “Kingdom Experiment”, “A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Teen Girls”, ” 99 Thoughts For Junior Highers”, “Sacred Life”, “To-Save-A-Life” and “Advent.”
Brooklyn is also a Development Team Member and Writer for: It’s Just A Phase – Orange Resources, Ignite Bible and XP3 Middle School Curriculum.

Natasha Sistrunk Robinson

is the author of”A Sojourner’s Truth: Choosing Freedom and Courage in a Divided World” (release date: October 9, 2018),“Mentor for Life: Finding Purpose through Intentional Discipleship” and the”Hope for Us: Knowing God through the Nicene Creed” Bible study. She is the visionary founder of the nonprofit,Leadership LINKS, Inc, a graduate of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary Charlotte (cum laude, M.A. Christian Leadership) and the U.S. Naval Academy. A former Marine Corps officer, Natasha now works as a leadership consultant, mentoring coach, Bible teacher, international speaker, anti-human trafficking advocate, and champion for education. She has over 15 years of leadership and mentoring experience in the military, government, church, seminary, and nonprofit sectors. She is a sought-after leadership consultant, mentoring coach, and speaker.



Melissa Johnston

She’s the glue that holds all this together! Administrator, coordinator, lead generator,


There is a desire for women and girls to connect across generations in mentoring relationships, to link hands to grow deeper faith.

But it isn’t always easy to know who to mentor or to know who your mentor should be.

We have sensed a growing need for places and spaces where women across generations can connect in mentoring relationships- to be empowered to move forward in them–together.

We’d like to help you take a big step by providing the very thing you’re looking for.

A one evening experience—completely new— She Grows Conference. It could be for you.

What you’ll experience: Connection, Worship, Inspiration and Motivation. Practical Help, Resources for your Relationships, Multi-Generational Immersion, Global Neighborhood Vision.

She Grows started in the hearts of long distance mentors Laurie Polich Short, Brooklyn Lindsey, and Natasha Sistrunk Robinson. Over time, they forged a friendship and have created this space to help others do the same.

We hope you will consider joining us for an event… or even host one! We had our first one June 1, and have three events scheduled this Fall– and are currently scheduling dates in 2019.

Message us at info@shegrowsconference.com to inquire about having SheGrows near you!

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